We wanted to celebrate the most popular "Project DIVA" vocaloids with dedicated playlists:
Miku | Rin & Len | Luka | Teto | Meiko | Kaito | IA | Gumi
Duets | Groups

China too has vocaloids and they have now live concerts including Miku, Rin, Len & Luka :)
This is why we added a playlist featuring the most popular Chinese vocaloid:
Luo Tianyi
The last playlist gathers some MMD releases with Project Diva characters (and others) as dancers on original songs from other singers/groups
MMD Releases
Happy listening and watching :)

Hatsune MIKU

Kagamine RIN & LEN

Megurine LUKA
An exception to the solo singer rule: video #23 "Secret" is duet Luka & Yuu

Kasane TETO
Some videos end with a time of silence or background song and a vocal "arigato"



Two exceptions to the solo singer rule:
video #22 "Galaxias!" has chorus parts with Miku & Rin + video #33 "Reload" is duet IA & One

Videos #14 "Living a Lie", #15 "Lightspeed" and #16 "Friend" are in English

Some of them in duet (except Rin & Len)
Video #24 "Deja Vu" is in English and video #26 "B with U" is duet Miku & Luo Tianyi in Chinese

Some of them in group or same song, sometimes with other character(s)

Luo Tianyi
From her birth (2012) to her recent TV shows & live concerts (2017-2018-2019)

MMD Releases
Project DIVA characters (and others) as dancers in MMD releases
MMD is for MikuMikuDance (animation sofware)